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THE Must Have Travel Abroad App

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Mon, Jul 21, 2014

I’m kind of at the end of a 31-day trip abroad. I’m visiting GeoVisions partners and participants in Spain, Italy and France. I have 7 more days ahead of me … the rest of Italy and Northern France. It has been a great use of my time. I have talked to our Au Pairs in Spain and Italy. Our program, Tutor English To A Family in Spain (and in Italy), have great people on the program now and I’m sure I’ll be equally impressed when I get to France and meet partners and participants there. Tomorrow I’m having lunch with our counselors at the Day Camp Counselor In Italy program in Porto San Elpidio.

It is difficult to deal with so many languages. Just when you get the hang of a language, you move countries. I’ve had the most fun with Italian. And up until today, when I needed an app for some translation, I used iTranslate, which is a FREE app easily attainable on the iTunes App Store. Press the app button, choose the language you need translated and type in something. You can also listen to how to pronounce your new phrase.

For years this app has been a staple of my travels.

But let’s face it … typing in words or phrases from a menu can be time consuming. When I went to my local laundromat to do 2 machine loads of laundry … I was faced with several signs, all in Italian. And in the area where I’m living, the menus are in Italian, while in Rome there were English menus. If you have to type in wording from a sign or from a menu … time has been wasted.

Enter my new find, Word Lens. Again, a Free download from the iTunes App Store. Simply press the app button and hold it in front of a sign. What you will see is a screen that looks like you’re taking a photo (it uses he camera app) but you’ll see the words change into the language you want … in my case, English.

The app has been around for awhile and is also available for Android. It’s only new to me. But it’s so handy, I wanted to let you know just in case I’m not the only one wandering around in the translation dark.

Below you will see a screen shot (from the iTunes site) of a sign in German and what the screen looks like when you point your phone at the screen.

Enjoy the app. And if you have other apps our participants should consider, please let us know in the comments section. We always like to pass along information that can be used abroad.


Word Lens in German

Word Lens in English

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Peek Travel App - Book Amazing Activities

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Wed, Dec 18, 2013

So ...

You're in the middle of Conversation Corps-France, living in Lyon, and your host family has told you it's fine to take a 3-day weekend to Paris.  You text your friend who is on the same program in a small town nearby.  It's a perfect opportunity to get to Paris by 10:00 a.m. on Friday and return to Lyon by 8:00 p.m. Sunday night.  And you have a travel buddy.

So what are you two going to do?

Ah ... you check the online GeoVisions community and chat with people who are already in Paris (or who have also spent a 3-day weekend there) and you check in with our office and your local coordinator about things to do.

Peek AppThen your friend takes out her iPhone and taps her Peek app.

"Peek is your one-stop shop to discover and book amazing activities! The New York Times called Peek 'a site you want to visit again and again', and TIME Magazine selected it as one of its top travel tools. Whether it’s going swimming with sharks or eating your way through a local culinary walking tour, Peek has selected the highest quality activities at the best prices guaranteed. "

When you first open the Peek app, you’ll take a quiz to discover your travel persona. Then you’ll receive personalized activity recommendations, handpicked by Peek just for you! 

This app is the perfect companion to a GeoVisions program.

Don't have an iPhone?  If you have any tablet or laptop while your're traveling, this link will take you to the desktop site and you can use Peek there.  In Paris already?  That's OK.  Book activities on the go.

CEO Ruzwana Bashir was named one of Fast Company's Most Creative People in 2013.

Only London and Paris is listed as cities abroad right now.  Peek has focused on areas of the US for its launch. Give them a little time and more International sites will be available.

What other areas would you like to see Peek add?

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