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Three New Benefits When You Volunteer Abroad With GeoVisions

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Tue, Apr 28, 2009

 The entry below appeared on April 28, 2009 in a GeoVisions E-News:


Pongo Resume logo

When you volunteer abroad with GeoVisions, you receive a 2-month subscription to Pongo Resume.  FREE!  Add your volunteer experience to your resume in a way that attracts attention.  Then, Prepare To Get Hired.

You may be the best candidate, but you won't get the job unless your resume, cover letter, and interview skills stand out and impress employers. With Pongo's Resume Builder, Cover Letter Builder, Interview Tips, and expert guidance, you have what it takes to sell yourself and negotiate your best job offer.

Woman shaking hands after a great job interview.Print professional resumes right from the web.  Then use Pongo's email service to email your resume out to prospective employers.  Need to fax your resume?  No problem with Pongo.  The 2-months of FREE service allows you to fax your resume from the Internet in a fax-friendly design.  The subscription even comes with a "tracker" to see who received your resume and who opened it.

You volunteered your time and use all of that experience and prepare to get hired!

When your application is accepted, we will send you a special link to receive your 2-month FREE subscription.  The two months begin when you activate your account.  Some volunteers use it during the application process and others while they are on the's all done over the Internet so you have global access to your account.  Still others wait until they return and begin to use Pongo.  Whatever you decide, you have two-full months of service once you activate your account.

Official certifying organization logoGeoVisions is an Official Certifying Organization for The President's Volunteer Service Award.  That means we will record your GeoVisions service on the volunteer project.  For your service you will receive a lapel pin, a personalized certificate, a congratulatory letter from President Barack Obama and a letter from the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation.

Awards from the President's Volunteer Service Award.Upon your return, GeoVisions hopes you will continue to volunteer abroad or in your local community.  When you do, just email us to turn in your hours.  When you move to the next level (from 100 to 250 hours or more) you will move from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold and then Lifetime/The President's Call To Service Award.  The more hours you volunteer and report to GeoVisions, the higher you move up.  This is an ongoing service to you, our volunteer.  No matter how many years it takes, you will move on up to a higher level and receive the new awards.  All by being a volunteer with GeoVisions right now.

esl-lounge logoAre you a member of The Conversation Corps?  Are you a Conversation Partner?  Then you have already received our book, A Tutor's Guide: Teaching English To Families and Children.  To augment the book, you now have access to the ESL-Lounge's Premium Area.  With your special username and password you can download PDF lesson plans with full teacher notes; download hundreds of flash cards; use Business English lesson plans, download and use audio mp3 files.

The ESL-Lounge has been around since 2001.  All materials have been prepared by teachers with at least eight years of experience. This shows in the lesson plans themselves: these have been produced by teachers for teachers and those teachers who have contributed understand the requirements of teachers in the classroom.  All Conversation Corps members and Conversation Partners received this $29 membership FREE.


There are still a few spots available for this summer.  Many have already started to secure their place for the fall.  We encourage you to contact GeoVisions for more information on these new benefits and spaces that may still yet be available during the summer...or make your decision for the fall today.  September placements are almost full, believe it or not!

Remember, you can apply for FREE!  It never costs to make your application and start the process.

The Global Work and Service Programs Team

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Teach or Volunteer Abroad With GeoVisions, and Prepare To Get Hired

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Tue, Apr 14, 2009

We are in unpresidented times.  The U.S. Government reported last week that the U.S. lost over 600,000 jobs in March alone.  Global currencies change with the weather.

GeoVisions hears from people everyday who have lost their job and now want to take some time, take a breath, go abroad to volunteer and come back ready to jump back into the job market.  We applaude them as our would be easy for them to languish in their pain.  Instead, they want to take a month or two to help others and gain some perspective.

Pongo Resume logoTo help our volunteers prepare to get hired, GeoVisions has partnered with Pongo Resume.   It has been proven time and time again that if your resume, cover letter, and interview skills stand out and impress employers, you stand a much better chance to win the job you really want.

Many of our volunteers call and ask for advice about how they might use their experiences on their resume to attract some extra attention with potential employers. We partnered with Pongo because their state of the art Resume Builder, Cover Letter Builder, and Interview Tips (with included expert guidance) provides our volunteers with tools to prove they have what it takes to sell themselves and negotiate their best job offer.

Pongo Resume normally charges $9.95 a month for a subscription.  As a volunteer with GeoVisions, you get two months free, a $20.00 benefit.  The two months begin when you sign up for the account.  Start it up before you leave.  Because Pongo is web-based, it can be used while volunteers are on the project.  Or, feel free to begin your free subscription when you return home.

GeoVisions is happy to provide this benefit to our heroes, our volunteers who spend their money, their time and their talents to make this a better world.  Prepared to get hired!

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