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Volunteer In Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey Scholarships Available

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Wed, Jun 15, 2011
Amman landscapeIf you have ever wanted to volunteer in Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey, you can now apply for a scholarship to help out with your volunteer expenses.

America's Unofficial Ambassadors is offering scholarships to GeoVisions' volunteers in Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey.  Scholarships up to $5000 can be used to cover program fees and/or travel.  Applications for the scholarship are being taken through August 31, 2011.  The funds can be used for 2011 or 2012 program dates.

In Jordan, you can use this scholarship for:

Conversation Corps-JordanLocal Bedouin girl
Conversation Partner-Jordan
Mentoring in Aqaba
Feynan Ecolodge

In Lebanon, the scholarship can be used for

Conversation Corps-Lebanon
Conversation Partner-Lebanon

In Turkey, the scholarship is available for

Conversation Corps-Turkey
Conversation Partner-Turkey

You can read about the Mosaic Scholarship and then there are links to the rules and regulations, and the application.

IstanbulThe underlying premise of America’s Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA) is that private American citizens have to do more to improve America’s relationship with the Muslim World.  Read more about AUA here.

By December of 2012, AUA plans to have 1000 Americans commit to at least 1 week of service in the Muslim World.  We are very proud to be an approved organization of AUA, and our programs in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey rank high enough to qualify for the scholarship.

Contact us if you have questions. You should work your application with GeoVisons along with the application for the scholarship.

We welcome any comments about the programs or the scholarship.

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This Week's Volunteer Abroad Briefing

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Thu, Nov 18, 2010

Volume I  Number 1

Conversation Corps logo

Join the Conversation Corps in Beirut and live with a Lebanese family and tutor them in English.  Or, live with a family and tutor a group outside the family where you live.  Become a Conversation Partner in Beirut and enjoy the independence of leaving your family each day to work with several people at once learn conversational English.

And while you're thinking about these two incredible opportunities, Chris Michael will show you where to have a good time in Beirut without bankrupting yourself.  Read Beirut On A Budget and make your affordable plans now.

At GeoVisions, we are always surprised by the number of people who apply to join the Conversation Corps in Spain, France, Germany, Austria or Italy, and assuming they can travel to Europe and stay as long as they like.  Actually, you can stay only 90-days on a tourist visa in the Schengen Zone, and then you must leave for 90-days before you return.

Conversation Corps in Europe utilizes the tourist visa, so you just arrive at your destination.

This article, from the WYSTC Blog, may be worth reading if you are looking for a work or student visa.  The process of applying for a visa maybe be deterring 450,000 tourists...a core finding of the latest European Tour Operators Association.

Teaching English in a classroom in China.Headed to Asia to volunteer or teach abroad?  So is everyone else!
Delta Air Lines, United, Continental and other American carriers are expanding their services to Asia in response to an increase in demand and a lack of capacity. China's economic growth rate is triple that of the U.S., making the country a good bet.

Tom Murphy, from A View From The Cave has written a new post about Volunteering Elitism and is a great read if you've thought about volunteering abroad or if you have already experienced it and you're talking to others about your experience.

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Middle East Peace Process - the GeoVisions Contribution

Posted by Kevin Morgan on Sun, Apr 25, 2010

Some people wonder, "Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?".  Well, we know there won't be if lots of different parties don't contribute something to make it happen.

I'm Kevin, a CVO at GeoVisions.  Today I was reviewing a file full of applications for our Work and Travel US Exchange program.  On this program, university students from around the world come to the US to work in seasonal jobs.  I don't know why this particular file attracted me.  But I started looking through the applications.  In this file, I spotted two students from Jordan, then one from Lebanon.  I liked that.  But as I went further, there was a student from Iraq.  Then one from Israel.

All these students are going to work together in Ocean City, Maryland this summer, and I got to thinking about how programs like ours do bring people together who otherwise would probably never get to know each other.  Our Work and Travel program is a part of the US State Department's public diplomacy effort.  Students from around the world get to know about the USA, but they also get to know each other.  Abraham Lincoln once said "I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends."

Our Work and Travel students always tell us that one of the greatest benefits of our exchange program is that they got to make friends from all over the world.  GeoVisions ... hopefully we can help a little bit to convert enemies into friends.  My file folder gave me hope!

We can also help you go to countries in the Middle East to volunteer and teach. You can be a Conversation Corps or Conversation Partner tutor in Lebanon or in JordanLive with a family, help people improve their English conversation skills, learn about a fascinating part of the world.  Make your own contribution!

In this article we identified four countries, but showed six flags from Middle Eastern Countries.  Can you identify all of them?

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