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How Many Days Can I Volunteer Abroad In [Insert Country] For $1,000?

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Tue, Nov 26, 2013

currency chartI just read an article on The Expeditioner site entitled How Many Days Can I Travel In [Insert Country Here] With $1,000?  It was interesting.  The comments ran from "this is all a load of crap" written by someone who can obviously either spend MUCH more than that or is happy to sleep on a park bench ... to "this is the best thing I've ever seen."

So I do want to type in here that your mileage may vary.

But I used the list to test out pricing on our own programs.  So for example, if I look at the pricing of our programs in France, Italy and Spain, I get a huge savings by going with GeoVisions.  The Expeditioner site said it would take 22 days to blow through $1,000 in the Euro zone.  That's $45.45 per day.  In 22 days you'd have to leave.

On our Conversation Corps France program, you can stay a month for $1,549.  That's $52 a day.  But you can also stay 60-days for $27 a day and 90-days for $19 a day.  On Conversation Corps Spain it will cost only $38/day for 30-days.  Compare that to The Expeditioner's spending of $45 a day.  If you stay with us 60-days, it drops to $19 a day and 90-days will cost $13 a day.

Asia is a good deal for travelers also.  The Expeditioner spent $1,000 in 43 days.  So looking at Conversation Corps Thailand ... we cost $53 a days compared to The Expeditioner at $23 a day.  But when you stay in Thailand 90-days (why would you travel that far to stay only 43 days) the cost goes down to $18 per day.  Still less than The Expeditioner's findings.

Keep in mind also, as you read their article and look at the chart for your favorite country that they built their budget on a room in a hostel each night, street food and minimal transport.

As a member of the Conversation Corps, you have your own private bedroom, 3 home-cooked meals a day, an orientation, and insurance (not covered on the examples in The Expeditioner's findings).

If you're well traveled and you've done a great deal of travel on your own, let us know if you agree with the findings.  No matter how you cut it, if you choose a 90-day GeoVisions program, you're going to spend half as much as if you did it on your own.

Read more of their article and have a look at their chart here.

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Conversation Partner Italy-Two Volunteer Blogs

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Mon, Feb 27, 2012

CP ItalyRobin Vaughn is an amazing cook, an amazing teacher and an amazing traveler. GeoVisions is so lucky to have Robin in Italy right now living with a host family and helping Italian teachers there teach English. Robin will be in Italy February, March and April.

Robin is very active with her host family. She keeps them busy…and they keep her busy as well. She's a great teacher. She also writes a travel journal on the GeoVisions Community Pages. You want to click the link below that will take you to her travel journal and read her entries and look at her photos (and cartoons).

In addition to that she writes a cooking Blog, A Bird In The Kitchen. I have subscribed to the cooking Blog because the recipes for Italian cooking (which she's doing onsite all the time) are amazing and the photographs capture all Robin is experiencing these 3 months.

If you're interested to know how you can use the GeoVisions Community Pages, Robin has it going on. You can learn a lot looking through her journal pages.

If you're interested in Italian wine and food…check out that food Blog of hers.  I'm sure you'll be a subscriber, just like me.

A bird in the italian kitchen blog logoAnd if you're interested in Conversation Corps-Italy or the program Robin is on, Conversation Partner-Italy…her two Blogs will help you make up your mind to choose one and put your butt in an airline seat.

And if you're interested in one of our THREE summer camps, being a counselor and teaching some English during camp activities…Robin is in the Marche region, exactly where two of the three camps are located.

Italian Summer Camp
This camp is on the ocean, you live in an apartment and bicycle to the camp each day.  You can view a video of last year's camp experience right here.

Italian Summer Camp-Macerata
This camp is a 30-minute train ride to the beach.  You live in student accommodations or shared apartments.

Coming Soon:  Italian Summer Camp-Naples

Robin's two Blogs are model Blogs and you can't go wrong taking a few minutes to look them over. We hope you'll be in touch and let us help you get to Italy.  Perhaps you'll add to Robin's recipes.  Or you'll start a painting Blog...or you might write your first novel.

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Conversation Corps Members Sometimes Tutor The Famous

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Tue, Oct 04, 2011

Go to Italy, live with a family and help them with their conversational English skills.  Sounds pretty straight forward.  Until you find out the family you're living with has a child that is very famous and very successful.'re his English tutor.

Photo of LorenzoLorenzo Baldassarri is a young Italian kid who just happens to race motor bikes.  He won the 2011 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. In this photo, Lorenzo is the young man in the front, or if you can't tell, he is 2nd from the left.

Our Tutor, Stacy Cerullo, is living with the Baldassarri family and tutoring Lorenzo in his spare time.  After watching the video below, we can see he'll use his English accepting many trophies!

In the video below, watch bike number 7 and look for Lorenzo's acceptance speech at the end if you want to fast forward.  Nicely done Lorenzo and nicely done Stacy!

GeoVisions founded the Conversation Corps, and we followed that up with Conversation Partner for more independently minded travelers.  But when you have a global reputation of founding a program as significant as the Conversation Corps, families (normal, rich and yeah...famous) naturally navigate to the organization with the vision that nothing really substantial can change for the better unless there is some way to communicate with each other.

Conversation Corps logoWe're proud of Lorenzo and his family.  And we're proud of our Conversation Corps tutor, Stacy.  We can't place all of our tutors in the 21 countries where we have members of the Corps with the rich and famous...but over the last 6 years that we've offered this program we can say that the families who approach us for tutors are the very best families our planet has to offer.  And the change that happens when two cultures learn to communicate is endless.

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Conversation Corps-Italy. What One Tutor Experienced

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Tue, Sep 07, 2010

Dionne in TuscanyYet another Blog post from a member of the Conversation Corps. Wow. What a program.

Dionne spent a month in Tuscany with the Corps and wrote a great Blog about here experience.

Dionne's Summer in Tuscany is the name of the Blog, and I was especially struck by how well she spent her time. And may I also say…Dionne is married and her husband was fantastic about her journey and very supportive. See? Anyone can do it.

Dionne landed in Paris with a 12 hour layover. Rather than sit around she checked in for her flight to Italy and off she went to discover Paris. This is a person who made the most of everything.

Fresh pizza from Italy.If you're headed to Italy, check out Dionne's post called Things I've Learned. She writes about Bikes, Mopeds and Motorcycles then Bathrooms and then, of course, coffee.

Most of the Blog is about all the travel Dionne did during her month in Italy with topics like Home Made Pasta, Food, The Beach, and Everyday Life In Italy.

We decided to showcase this Blog because we do occasionally get questions about what Corps members can do with their free time. This Blog will give you so many ideas.

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Volunteer Abroad Returnees: Coming Home or Going to Volunteer Again?

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Tue, Jan 12, 2010

Medical volunteers in PeruA few days ago I wrote a Blog post about a volunteer (Daniel Jackson) who returned home only to start up his own non-profit and find new ways to assist the medical clinic where he volunteered for with GeoVisions in Peru.

This Blog post is about a volunteer who is returning to GeoVisions for a second time.  Shannon Anderson first went to Peru with GeoVisions.  Now she's headed to Italy. I hope you will go back toShannon's Blog and follow her as she makes her plans, takes her Italian language courses, gets her host family and prepares to tutor.

Two things quickly come to mind:

  • It is a rare opportunity when people share the intimate details of their decisions, their process and the ups and downs in preparing to volunteer abroad.  I hope you'll subscribe toShannon's Blog and be a part of all that.  It will serve you well if you are in the same position or hope to be.
  • Collage of RomeGeoVisions is far more interested in what people do after the volunteer abroad experience than we are in trying to get you to go.  Newspaper articles and magazine articles are full of stories about Voluntourism, how great it is and then listing a few organizations you can choose to help you with your experience. We're more about showing people what happens after the experience has taken place.  In this case...Shannon is returning for another experience.  And we want to share that with you and so does Shannon.

So enjoy Shannon's Blog, Part Due.  Comment on her Blog and help her along and ask her for some advice if you're planning your own volunteer program.  In the meantime, let us know what you're doing if you are a volunteer abroad returnee.  We want to hear about your experience and follow up what you're doing now.

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Teach Abroad With Conversation Corps-Italy And Save Up To $370

Posted by Randy LeGrant on Wed, Sep 09, 2009

Collage of Rome.GeoVisions has 3 families in Italy in need of quick tutors.  To fill this void we have lowered the Conversation Corps-Italy fee.  Save $175 on a 30-day assignment.  Save $265 on a 60-day assignment.  And save $370 on a 90-day assignment.

One family is in Northern Italy.  Two families are in Southern Italy.

Volunteer 15 hours each week in Italy in exchange for free room and board.  Weekends are normally free to experience the culture by traveling around Europe.

Conversation Corps logo.This is a high-energy and really fun position.  GeoVisions provides the materials; you provide the personality to liven up a family class or dinner conversation!  Find out first-hand how an Italian family lives day-to-day.  Sometimes there are opportunities to take part in family activities and to meet extended family.  Plus, they can show you landmarks and hidden gems.

View of Venice, Italy.Conversation Corps volunteers must be native English speakers.  They need to have earned a high school (secondary school) diploma or certificate, be in good health and abide by the family’s rules and habits. Placements are available year 'round and range in duration from one to three months.

If you can depart in the next 30-days and qualify for this program, Apply Now and save hundreds of dollars on the program fee.  If you have questions first, email us at and we will respond to you quickly.

Act now if you have time to get away.  Once these families are taken by tutors, we will set the program fee back again to it's normal rate.

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